Fidget toy spinner are small ball bearings that can be rotated between the fingers. According to users on the toy gives a pleasant sensory experience and the reviews, transmission and rotation of the challenge.

A Trend erupts

This spinner, seemingly negligible, the visual tree began to appear as black widgets. Before December 2016, Google searched for “fidget spinner” virtually impossible. Now the teacher writes about these frustrations with spinners obsessed students on Twitter, and the toy even has its own Reddit forum. Most of the arguments about fidget spinners took place in schools that were banned them from classrooms. Specifically, some people said that the spinners interfere with a flute class at school and children with special needs have other friendly opportunities for schools. Meanwhile, some children with special needs have enjoyed the benefits of home toys.

For her, the fidget spinner is not a must have like some are friends, but rather focus on putting their school days during the school day – how to use the ball to stress or twist and lock block”, writes Gwynne. “If schools decide to ban sensual and fidgeting toys, they risk children who have been trying to add to be isolated. Fidget spinners banned in schools, it seems that the list is growing now. Although some expert is disappointed with this ban.

Advantages of Spinner

There is no doubt that toys that allow children to play can help children with autism. Occupational therapists often use sensory toys, such as tiles, stars and even precious stones or clay to relieve children of sensory problems. Studies have also shown that spinners can help children with ADHD. A study published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology in 2015 and his colleagues in the ADHD study from 8 to 12 years.

But without research that focuses exclusively on viewers, you cannot be sure to tell if devices can help kids with ADHD, Report told them to live. He thought that little toys in his hand probably would not work. He said that do not require heavy which seems to be responsible for the increase in activity in frontal and random security measures to which attention is paid. Voices are also visually disturbing and can alert a child to an office or teacher, Report reports.

Spinner safety

In June, an unofficial report on the toy might cause anxiety among parents, but he still does not clean his house. Leading lawyers for the prevention of poisoning, who has no university or research institution, is home to spinner 11 poorly tested and found an unusually high amount of lead in two d ‘between them. A bigger problem could be the risk of children being blocked by a small part of the spinner. The Consumer Goods Commission is considering whether children will replace parts, said Patti Davis, media relations director at CPSC. At August 10, 2017, gave the CPSC safety measures instructions, you can hold toys can risk misleading, and children under three should not play with them. The CPSC also stated that toys should not be placed in the mouth, regardless of age.


Here are some tips for fidget toys that help protect children while they fidget spin: Observe age marks; Buy amazing stories (where you can find toys tested by the United States); Follow the instructions for the lighter (make sure the rotary switch battery is locked in the toy); Check that there are no damaged parts (which can cause suffocation).



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